Dragon Ball FighterZ top 5 tricks

By | February 17, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ is here in all its brawling beauty. Arc Systems replicated the traditional anime arc style to a T, all while providing intuitive game play and gorgeous 3D effects. Add to the fact that Arc Systems is no stranger to the fighting game formula, you’ve got the perfect storm for an incredible game.

Here are five tips for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Tip number 1, character combinations.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ campaign is pretty epic, especially with the introduction of the character, Android 21. Each campaign arc focuses its story on one main fighter. But you recruit more characters throughout the campaign to accumulate a roster to choose from. Now, choosing specific fighters from the roster can trigger special events before a fight. These events are fun dialogue scenes between a set of characters. One example is making a group with Goku, Vegeta, and Gotenks. This will trigger a cutscene where Gotenks questions whether Goku or Vegeta should be called dad. These can also be triggered by the opponent you’re facing, so be sure to match up different combinations of fighters. And yes, that means Yamcha too.


Tip number 2, battle practice.

There’s a practice mode in the game’s main lobby. By heading to the practice receptionist, you can find an assortment of modes to practice your moves. For those just starting, there’s a pretty useful battle tutorial mode where you can learn the game’s basic mechanics. The practice receptionist also hosts a begin combo practice option. Here, you’ll be able to slide to move combos for specific character. These combos start off with basic attacks and slowly move into the harder combos. You can learn some pretty useful moves through this mode, so practice, practice, practice. Quick note. Completing the combo practice for each character is a very quick way to earn a few thousand zeni.


Tip number 3, rise Shenron.

One of the coolest mechanics of Dragon Ball FighterZ  is the ability to summon Shenron. To summon him, you have to click all seven Dragon Balls within a match. And in order to do that, you have to perform combos of a certain magnitude. One simple technique is to perform a light attack combo by just mashing the light attack button. Each completed combo will give you one Dragon Ball. Now, once all Dragon Balls are collected, make sure your super meter is at seven bars, then perform a light attack combo. If completed correctly, you’ll summon the Almighty Shenron who will grant you one of four wishes for the remainder of the battle. Utilizing any of these can turn into the tide of battle completely. But be careful, the Dragon Balls are shared between both fighters. meaning that, while you can collect all seven, if your opponent has a max meter, and performs a light attack combo, they’ll get the wish instead of you.

Tip number 4, chaining super attacks.

Z changes are one of the main mechanics you can learn from the battle tutorials. These are for mostly defensive use but when used offensively, they can severely damage your opponent, especially when chained. Every character has a level one super attack, which can cause some pretty good damage to an opponent. However, if you hit the left bumper before you complete this attack, you’ll activate your Z change, and your teammate will join battle and automatically perform a level one super attack alongside the first attack. You can even do this the third time to bringing your third fighter for a third level one super attack, bringing some massive damage to your opponent. Keep in mind, you’ll still need the super meter requirements to support each attack.

Tip number 5, sparking blasts.

Sparking Blasts are another mechanic that can turn a losing battle into an easy win. By pressing right bumper and right trigger at the same time, you’ll activate your sparking blast. It can be used to power you up and quickly push an opponent away. It also gives the fighter improved health regeneration, so it can be used to quickly gain lost health. You’ll need to strategize what points of the battle will be best to use this though, since you only get one spark blast per match. And remember, using this ability offensively is sometimes the right move because with each downed fighter, the sparking blast grows in power. Now, it’s no Super Saiyan, but it could be just what you need to make your comeback. Dragon Ball FighterZ has everything a DBZ fan could wish for, like the unique and engaging story, excellent control scheme for both newcomers and seasoned fighters and absolutely stunning visuals. It’s so satisfying to see the anime style so faithfully recreated from super moves to how a character throws a punch. The campaign truly feels like part of the Dragon Ball Universe. Plus, it offers some hilarious scenes between characters you might have thought would never meet again. Seems like some people still hold grudges, even after death. Yikes! So, get out there and give your opponent everything you’ve got. Okay, maybe not everything.

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