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By | February 19, 2018

kim kardashian hollywoodHey you guys it’s Drezman. What’S up my Drezman plan, a love, love love!So anyway, I wanted to try to do a super super, quick post for you guys, you know being quick.  Today so anyway, let’s go into this quick. This post is going to be my top 10 best tips of all time and we’re trying to do it in ten minutes. That’S never going to happen. Is it okay? I love this outfit that I have on. Okay, God doesn’t like an event last week, but I never find a good use for this hair. Now I like love it with these gold chains, okay anyway, so I’m gon na start.

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The countdown like that um number ten, when you are ranked really high start every single job in the queue just go down through your jobs here, and you can literally click on call now right there. Simon will call up and ask if you’re ready to start the project, normally there’s no fee to start it, okay, that one has a fee because it’s not available for another five hours. Okay, so like that, when we start it already looks fun. Okay, like this okay um, this is a VIP exclusive story, so I’m doing a review on the VIP then do I think it’s totally worth it and imperative I do, but I don’t think you have to buy the top-level VIP. I think, and I’m going to assess this better for you guys and no. I think that the story lines are identical. It’S just VIP story lines. It’S a VIP exclusive story line, so you can just buy the lowest level, which is $ 4.99 a month. Do not go and spend the $ 50 a month. I do not think that it’s worth it like that, so yes, I think that you need the VIP. Yes, you can totally get away with the $ 4.99.

Then stop the clothing you’ll just enjoy like a smaller discount, a little bit extra energy, it’s not as great as the perks with the $ 50 month. One, but to be honest with you, there’s not really a $ 45 a month difference between the two. I’M not saying it. That’S just my opinion. Okay! So anyway, when your brains really high score every single job in York, you don’t complete them. Just start them go! Walk into the event, so what I mean by walk into the event is you’ll. Go like this, where we are we’re going to walk into this event. The event obviously doesn’t start until you do this. That’S the perfect! Look! You get your first star and now we’re at the event. Okay, so this event has started. The time is running on it and that’s great. What I’m saying is, if you want to just do a huge cash hole and make a ton of money, and you don’t care a lot about your ranking, go ahead and just start every single job in the queue. Sometimes you get up like eight or ten jobs.

In the queue start, every single job, all at once and part two of that is make sure you go and throw a party which I’ll get to later. But so that’s my top and tip it’s really great for getting cash. Just keep starting every job and don’t waste your energy going over and actually doing the job you’re still gon na get paid on it. It’S just going to hurt your fan banking, so if you balance it out by having a party which gives you tons of pans, you’ll be cool. You’Ll, be okay, I’ll, be almost an even loss, but you’ll make a ton of money.

kim kardashian hollywood hack
My number 9 tip is get free stars from offers. Ok, so I never really was big on doing this until um. Until I was that mobile war was, I called mobile stripe or something out of until that had um this great uh mobile strike yeah. I had this great offer, the one that was at most right now, it’s game of more than um anyway, whatever it had this great offer. Where was like times three and I got like nine hundred stars or something for going and playing their game and getting up to a certain level, so it took me like two days to do it, but I literally got like nine hundred stars. That’S like insane! So go and check out the free offers.

Also, if you ever get into a task and there’s an option for like five stars to buy something, that’s better by person like there was just the task where you could involve Kim in it. If you went ahead and spent five stars, all I did was jump over here and watch five posts and you can see the let’s see, watch the trailer to the end for 1k star on Panda pop. That’S a legit one. You know some of our hokey like do you like Diet, Pepsi or Pepsi? Don’T do those because that will take you through a never ending thing, but look coin: dozer watch the trailer to the end, recolor watch the show to the end, all those ones you just watch is the end. Do like five or six of them pop back on your game and you’ll, have all the stores you need for whatever that task is so that is my number nine best tip of all-time get free stars from offers.

kim kardashian hollywood hack
My number eight best tip of all-time involves buying something, and it is the LA gym number eight on my list by the LA gym and all the equipment in it because of the fact that when you buy this gym, not only do you get this great task That you could do every week, which is a super, easy task and allows you to get special from here. You get special equipment from the gym which my gym one after you complete three tests.

Then you get a special item of clothing, so there you have it right. There there’s like some leggings that I’ll get when I do this two more times. So that’s super cool, it’s kind of costly. I think the gym costs like fifty five stars and then the total of all the equipment we went over in my gym versus Chevy, a Paris where Chevy a Paris did win because there’s no comparison really. But the gym is still great um. But I feel like some of these things are five task spots to buy, and here you have to buy all of them. You really do and what’s great about this, is you come in every hour you boom boom boom boom boom click. These five here, I’m not right. Now, it’s like Energy’s full. You click on those five there and you’ll see the bottom, the barbell down at the bottom left. Once you come in here and do that four times, you’ll get five energy. So, every four hours you can get five energy from the gym. I think it’s totally worth it. I can’t tell you how many times it really like saves my foot, that is my eight top ten best tip ever number.

Seven is going to require us to get on playing. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of guys. Actually that also follow the channel. So hey boys who play kkh, we love love, love! You I’d love to see. You comment. Let’S put some comments down below. Please parents their work. The Ottoman thing again, who knows so this place is great, not just because of the fact that it has these three floors, which is super cool with the studio and the retail space and the runway. It’S really cool and neat, not just because of that, but because of the tasks that she has, you do to create your couture line. It’S like three things that you have to go through tears that you’ve to go through. If you go right now, watch the Chevy eight versus gym post that I post it like a month ago or a couple weeks ago. Um it takes you straight through it, every detail of it. We actually do the tasks get. The rewards this place is so rewarding. You get so many stars, it’s just fantastic. It will cost you a boatload to by chevy a paris and totally furnish and put it together. I think i’ll put the numbers down below i got. I don’t know what happened there, but okay.

So, at any rate, where were we okay, we’re on tip 7, so yeah bye, Chevy a it will cost you a ton to furnish and do all this stuff. But the simple fact is that it’s well worth it with the effect that it can have on your cash flow and just your overall, you know fun in the game, because that’s the thing while we all want to like be successful the game, it’s also about having Fun: okay,

kim kardashian hollywood cheats
Now my number six best tip ever have parties to get Fame and there’s only one place to do it. One of my other tips higher up in our list – and you guys, who are diehard Drezman planners, are gon na know that I’m saying Calabasas baby. Oh yes, Calabasas is the place to have parties. If you don’t own, this house, buy it, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy it, buy it and then sell it and then buy it again. Oh, my god, can you imagine, we could sell houses. Oh, and also one of my things that I want to mention to glue is that we need to have a house sale where we reduce the braces on the houses for a day. Look he’s mad at me. Great um, as you go higher up in your relationships, you’ll notice that they’re, like always many they want to go on a date every 12 hours. It’S really annoying. Okay, so number six parties to get bands so we’ll just jump in and do a quick three hour party here at Calabasas. Just so you can see so in the living room. We can go ahead and add a person here. You can add two people here and they get a conversation bubble over their head and if you’re in any kind of event, you also get an event point here, but you get an energy and look at this yeah. Okay and then you can add a second person from here so basically in the Calabasas house, you get to add two people in the living room. You get to add and I’m adding all friends of the channel hi everybody oops um. I hate when that happens. So, basically, you get to add two more people in the bedroom: oops, okay and our gorgeous little doggies over here in the corner guys. You know I always tap out on the stuff, but I’m trying to be fast so in the living room in the bedroom. In the kitchen and remember to party, so you won’t get professional points for hanging out with anybody anyway, so you might as well go ahead but and select friends, because then you can see everyone’s smiling faces and being super happy and see what they’re wearing, because it Does change when your friends change their outfits, of course, and updates for you, okay, so to the living room in the bedroom in the kitchen and one out on the porch? So this is a three hour party and we’ve already been able to get through a large portion of it. Okay, we only need one more star to be able to finish the party, and that was the whole point of why I wanted to jump in and do the party at Calabasas was just to show you guys super fast. How quick it is and great it is to do your parties here, okay, wonderful, to make it on energy. It may also have to do an energy run to finish them think, so it should be good. Oh it’ll, be so close, so close! Okay, almost done so. If it says four and eight for the energy need it down those rooms, it’s going to be the same in every other room, yeah, okay, so we need one more energy to complete. Let’S see if we can pick up just one little energy out here hi. These are the run ends again. I just randomly picked an answer on the run ends because I’ve had every single run in a number of times, and I’ve found that it just kind of doesn’t matter which one you pick it’s sort of random, whether you do well with it and get the prize Which is either energy or k-star, or you don’t okay, so that’s the end of the party. I look three. Our party blew through our energy, which was thirty nine energy actually 40s. We needed an extra one. Look 1.1 million fans. Okay. So my number six, like I moved up a spider, would my number sex, all-time top tip, is do parties to get fans okay, number five.

This is like in perfect order here, buy houses and buy pads, buy as many houses and buy as many pets as you possibly can, and here’s why we have no energy right now right, so we’re going to go rounds on our little around the world thing and We’Re going to go stop in our houses. This is San Diego, how I was hushed and he’s going to give me two MIG and a bunch of money and a bunch of other stuff. Okay Calabasas. We were just at Malibu. We can go to so, while we’re going around and collecting energy from the little click-throughs the little hotspots in the game. We also have pets at our home. Sorry guys Malibu is done. I know I could tell you guys that every time we come here, it’s a big house, it’s like the second biggest Akala basses, okay, so pets in the homes are probably the biggest thing because most of the new pets at least give to energy to you – and That’S fantastic: it’s like the easiest way to go around and for sure, because you know before there were pets, and there was a time that was like before there were pets. There was just like there was just like the cat and then the goldfish came along like way back for people who started the game in the very beginning. There was not really anything that came out. You know you get like a little bit of energy, sometimes occasionally from the cat, but so now that there’s pets in every house now say when we come back in an hour that will be felt up to 20 and we’ll get 500g from that. So I was like stopping in there um anyway. The pets are a fantastic way to get yourself energy. I highly recommend getting as many houses as humanly possible. Buy buy, buy, buy the houses glue. Please have a sale on the houses, so all of us four people can buy them. But again, if you’re doing all these tips then giving you, you probably have a bunch of free Star, because you went into the free star list and racked up on all these free stars just for taking a break from this game and playing another game. So don’t you rate you saw in just a couple seconds all the energy we got just because we have paths and we have houses that was my top-five best tip ever buy paths and buy as many houses as you can number

kim kardashian hollywood hack

Four da da da while number Four is an easy one, because how else could we fly around to all these amazing places out the private plane? You guys buy the private plane, you get the Tom Selleck, looking pilot Rick, I’ve ever listened. I swear to god. That’S probably like Tom Selleck’s name on magnum p.i um. I should go to go that. Okay, you guys probably know how that is. Okay, so anyway, the plane is super important because the plane is going to allow you to travel all over the world for free. No matter what money cash flow is hard to come by in this game, just like stars, so all that is said for a reason. It’S designed to make you pay for stuff. So, if, instead of nickel and diming it, if you just go ahead and get yourself the plane, you do not have to furnish it. Although it does look lovely, you do not have to have the whole setup when you’re walking in like I now do. I don’t even know if I would have done all that if I wasn’t interested and doing a post for you guys to shout at a high price donuts on it, but but not as fast. I guess I don’t, but at any rate you need the plane, because you don’t need to decorate it or need to buy all this stuff right. You need the plane, though, if you can get the pet. That is excellent. This cute adorable pug, because the bottom line is that plane enables you to go everywhere. You will nickel and dime it flying all over the place and you actually could have saved money with the plane. Now this guy is so angry at me.

Love spending time with me, and so that takes me up to my number 3 tip of all-time best check, JFK New York, my friends, anyone who’s, a true planner knows exactly where I’m going right now, I’m about to go to Soho baby! That’S right! Soho is the dating capital of kkh land, don’t care what anybody says: it’s factual and the truth. No, what I want to drink the oak in so how is the place to go if you want to level up in your dating quick, quick, quick, quick, quick? So here we go, I’m going to ask him to go on a date boom boom boom wow. You look great, hey thanks! So much okay, we check over CDs pay he’s! Not if you don’t mind, dropping $ 650 and I’ll be honest with you. It’S totally worth it for the benefits that you get the speed the quickness, how quickly you will get a baby and move on in your relationship totally worth it, and there you have it. That is the speed with which you can date at the Oh boom boom boom. Okay, so that is my number three overall best tip ever. Do all your dates of the okk guys I have gone. I can’t stress this one enough. You know everybody has an opinion on this, but I’ve gone on dates at every single place. You on dates, and none of them compare to the oak. You may spend a little money, but with the fact that sometimes your date is going to pick up that tab. It’S utterly utterly utterly worth it.

My number 2 best tip ever of all time, but we were just there and we’re about to go back and I think I pretty much have covered why it’s super important that you have the Calabasas house, but it’s more than that. Calabasas house is obviously an insanely great way to pick up fans from parties. Obviously, there’s no better place to have parties, then at the Calabasas house, Calabasas will get you a lot of fans. Everyone by it. Calabasas has a pet. Of course. It’S just the best because you can fit the most people in here and when there is an event like a party weekend, you can blow through a party weekends and accomplish the whole event really quickly. By doing a couple eight hour parties at this Calabasas house, I’m not even kidding you, it’s a great place to host a VIP. It’S just a great place overall to have, because it is just a super good location where you can actually invite the most people of any of your homes, so Calabasas house super-important. You have to buy that and my number one most important thing that you have to get. I don’t care. If you get yourself the helicopter, I don’t care what one you get yourself do not splurge on the colors or anything really, definitely not going to matter.

But my number one most important tip is that you must buy a car guys when you start this game. You totally know how it is. You are like schlepping all over the place walking around you have to come over here, and every single one of these counts has a price. Next to it, you have to pay to go there. It is so sad. So do not leave yourself in that position. For long so guys to recap: number one buy yourself: a car number two get yourself in that Calabasas house call up Sandra and make an appointment to go. Take a tour baby number three date at the O: do not go on any cheesy dates and don’t bother to buy yourself a baby. You can just go to the oak and you won’t spend any stars and you’ll spend cash here and there. But you know what not that much to be honest with you and if you’re, just starting all of your events and cashing in on them, you’ll be cool. That way. Number four buy a plane when you can don’t nickel and dime it and just fly around paying for tickets, buy yourself a plane, number five buy packs, buy houses, buy every house and every pet you can. When you buy a house, buy a pet right after go and do all the free stuff get yourself some stores and buy up houses. If I had to give a ranking of all the houses that I get at first number, one obviously Calabasas number two, I think is like, ah maybe San, Diego, maybe la gym. If we’re going to count gyms but I’d rather not count those, I would say Calabasas and San, Diego are good ones to get a first price, all the California place of Santa Barbara San, Diego cuz they’re, all in a row, then you can hit la hard. Like you can hit the gym for your five energy, the Hollywood apartment, the LA apartment, the Calabasas, the forum is the San Diego apartment, the Santa Barbara place. Malibu, you can hit them all, they all have pets, and you can just make you know a boatload of energy quickly. So and there’s a ton of events, always in LA a lot of your work, is going to be there so owning everything and every pet. There is totally key and important and awesome so by number five to buy pets by house as by as many as you can number six parties for fans you have to have parties, you got it on that Calabasas house have the parties bang them out super fast. You’Ll go through one bar energy: bang them out. You get like over. A million fans. It’Ll be awesome, number seven by Chevy in pairs. It really is awesome and again it brings up the point on my Glu wish list. Please please: please have a real estate sale number eight by the LA Jim and all the equipment, all five pieces of equipment, probably going to cost you a little over 200k stars, but if you do number nine, which is get free stars from the offers. If you do that, then you have enough starters to go ahead and do the other bit. Okay. So ten, when you’re ranked I start every job in the queue, don’t complete them, throw parties to level out your fan loss, and that is good guys. Thank you. So much as always fall semester, Poulos Kardashian, don’t forget the dolls of baby fire so and anyway it can be previewed. The holdings are now watch me wrestle posts today, there’s a few more going up. Hashtag, please plan don’t forget to go and check out blue plans on hum your site. We back up a night. I want to go back up. The dolls are doing alder, guys, a love, love love you and I will stand later thanks MA, [ Applause, ]

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