Love Nikki Dress UP Queen cheats, hacks and tips

By | December 14, 2017

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen gameLove Nikki Dress UP Queen cheats and tips :

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a free mobile game that is centered around different types of fashion battles among its player Nikki and the people that she encounters at the time of her journey through amazing fashion lands. It is accessible to ‘Phones, ‘Pads as well as for Android mobiles. The whole game is based on the anime theme.

This game is created by Elex. The whole journey of this game contains near about 12 chapters that are required to overcome in order to win this game. The whole concept of the game is based on a story where the Great King and Stylist of the new era passed away leaving away three legacies. To acquire these treasures, people were on the brink of war At last, the reason abounded and people of the nation decided to acquire styling different contest to actuate the ownership. Many designers and stylists stepped on the stage show to prove their best match. You will get a feel of this story with the help of playing this game.

Today we will tell you different types of cheats and tips to play this wonderful game. By our given hack cheats, you will be able to purchase some extra things by giving no charge at all.


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Love Nikki Dress UP Queen a mobile dress up game it also comes with some RPG elements. It is a free game but comes with some in-game purchases. It is downloaded from the iTunes app store or the Google play store. Like all other games this is a game that is nice for girls play because of its cute outfits, event, and characters.

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen tips and cheats

Log in each day: If you need any benefits from this game one should play it at least every day. For example, e if you login every day, you will be able to earn yourself a couple of rewards that you can get. Sharing: If most players knew that sharing is equaled to stamina it would be good luck for them. In this game as your share with other players some items, your stamina keeps increasing.

Diamond bonus: On Saturday and Sunday you get stamina bonus at any time you loin yet on other days there defined times when you will get these bonuses Score gap: the score gap is not based on the score you have; it is based on the gap between your scores and your opponents. Save your diamonds: always save your diamonds. His s advisable because it is not a known fact that diamonds come in handy at critical moments of a competition that will actually earn you some diamonds lost in trying to progress in.

Facebook: Always join the Facebook group to learn a few trick. In these groups you tend to find answers that can help you navigate through the game

Done and memory button: the memory will give you two options clicking on it will give you the best score and last suit options. It is a supper time saver because it helps you switch between outfits

Outfits will be back: they come back as craftables, this is nice because it eases on spending diamonds on events Take note of the small boxes: Little boxes for every ten votes you cast in stylist competitions you will open one which occasionally has diamonds in them.

Click everything: It is advisable to always look through every single button in the gam. Because the moment you start limiting yourself there is scary big likelihood that you will miss awesome freebies.

Collect your gacha items: Having good treasured items is good; however getting hold of super treasured items is far greater this done every day.

Link your Facebook: By linking your facebook to the game, you might win yourself out of print outfits. This also done by referring your friends who end up also winning themes selves some free stuff.


Love Nikki Dress UP Queen is an amazing game. Everything about it is feminine, cute attractive and girly. A girl can put up any outfits she wants in the game, without worrying about the challenge requirements that come with the game. It is a Japanese game and having a feminine English voice is quite appealing to the gamer It has an amazing lot of characters one could choose from. Simple fixing of some bugs here and there, the game is a good recommendation that at times even as an older woman can di herself in and wake up that girl in her.

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The Nikki-Dress UP Queen is an outstanding game to play and the cheats and tips make this more amazing to deal with You will not have to face any type of problem at the time of using all such codes. So, prepare your time to play this wonderful game with the help of our cheats and tricks and enjoy with proper satisfaction. So by using these cheats and codes you can enjoy the game without hesitation and freely.

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