Run sausage run tips and tricks

By | February 19, 2018

Run sausage run

Run sausage run tips and tricks:

Run sausage run is a new mobile game and people are having a blast playing this endless runner, where you try your darndest to beat your previous score after playing or dying in a couple of rounds, you may notice that run sausage run is trickier than you first Believed.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while playing run sausage run if you just started playing. The first thing you want to do is learn and study the different types of traps that you must navigate through. Each type of trap has a different way of maiming you, so most Mushu others will burn you when the rest will cut you. They also have different speeds and different hit boxes, so take some runs where you just learned the best way to avoid the fire traps or to learn at what point you need to start ducking for the horizontal blades. This is kind of obvious right. Timing is pretty important in this game, so you’ll need time to assess the situation, and sometimes that means going bit slow at first granted. The game will eventually speed up and you’ll want to start to go with the flow, throw a Hail Mary and hope for the best. But even this will only get you so far. So try and take it slow for as long as you can and try to bring a little strategy to the situation while playing run sausage run, you will see some power-ups floating around. The green arrow will Frank you and make it easier to avoid most of the traps. The red arrow will enlarge you and make it harder to avoid most of the traps. The snowflake will freeze the traps in place, allowing you to zip by for a short period of time and then there’s a hotdog bond that will allow you to take an extra hit before you lose. Try your best to grab all the power-ups, except for the red arrow that’ll, just make things more difficult for you. These are just simple tips to keep in mind while playing run, sausage run and that’s it for the post.

More tricks and cheats:

It doesn’t matter what outfit you have on, but, as you can tell, he runs really fast, so you can get really far with them. There’S good once it starts gon na be faster, so it’s getting better so um! You can tell that I’m! I haven’t. Even let you go with me this one facto. It’S always the razor blades you have to look out for if you see your razor blade trying to slow down. If you can good time and my phone’s upside down now there we go, and I just died for no reason so you’re gon na tell ya. I’M Josh with this game. I only have a high score 370. It was not even luck. Cuz, I’m decent, but I’m trash at the same time, I’m a decently trash so yeah. This is going to be uploaded in a little bit. I mean you watching. It will know that it’s uploaded but yeah subscribe comment like oh yeah, here’s a comma for you! What post? What game should I get on my phone and give it PG? I’M not trying to so. Thank you for watching

Run sausage run cheats
Unlimited Points Glitch :

Run Sausage run, and I was just messing around on it and I figured out a glitch to get unlimited points. So I’ll show you how to do that in just a second. So it started off my sister’s friend. It was like sent a message with a high score was like 600 or something then was like try to beat my high score. So then I couldn’t do it cuz. I was trying to just play the game. Normally couldn’t really get past the hundred, but then I figured out this and get unlimited points. It was pretty useless, but just like show off to your friends or whatever pretty cool trick once it loads here I can show you how to do it. What’S going on. Let’S try this again my phone’s glitching him. Now. Oh my gosh! There we go so! Oh my gosh all these ads, it’s not even in English. You know what it’s saying: okay, so I’m pretty sure you need to have this guy blutwurst. I haven’t tried it with the other guys yet so just play the game until you get that guy or I guess you could try it with the other ones just to see if it works, but for sure this guy. So what you do is just start. The game off get past the first two obstacles there and then you just hold it down like this and then I’d say every like five seconds just quickly. Let your hand off like that, and you will never die, see my record right now. It’S like four thousand just got bored, so I just lost, but you could go over as long as you want. You could actually never die. It. Just gets really boring. So I’ll probably go up to like five hundred here, just to show you to prove that it works. I can’t figure out if it’s like a time limit or a certain amount of points. I’M pretty sure it’s on like a time limit where, if you go, I’m gon na say like 8 seconds somewhere around there, the that one off to the coal that brings down the spinning blade. That’S just like straight up and down it’ll chop you up and I think that’s after I’m pretty sure it’s like eight seconds or something, but when you lift up your finger like that, it resets it, so you just never get hit by it. So if you see I’m at about 600 now and still have the shield and could keep doing this forever, but there’s no point, I’ve already got 4,000 just to prove it so now I’ll just let it die, that’s pretty easy trick and it’s easy to do.

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