Wild West New Frontier cheats and tricks

By | December 10, 2017

wild west new frontier

Wild West New Frontier tips and tricks


Wild West: New Frontier is actually a new social quantum game that enables you to build and control your own farm during the conquering glory days in the North America west side. It is through the game that you grow your farm as well as raising animals.As you play the game, you will begin by planting many crops and also building houses and buildings for your farm yard next. After harvesting you will take your crops to the market and sell it and so as to get more coins for upgrading your farm. This also will enable you to produce more plants and corps. While playing you will also be able to dispatch goods by train to transport it faster for the nearby villages. As you play you are able to construct some new buildings whereby through them you are able to have many products to trade and sell. You are also able to broaden and get some new friends and new lands. You are also able to build a mine and generate silver and gold as you play. This helps you upgrade your farm and get more products. The game can be defined as simulation game and it is readily available for both IOS and android devices.

wild west new frontier cheats

Wild West: New Frontier tips and tricks

1.Saving up West Bucks

West bucks are used for upgrading things like improving your granary and barn. Avoid using the bucks to shorten the required time for producing goods and constructing buildings.

2.Try to be social

wild west new frontier tricks
Since this is a social game, you need to be social. Follow all the key players you meet in the gam. Follow all those who buy goods from you because you might not know what they intend to sell. You might find what you are looking for in their market. Additionally, visit people who sell goods at relative low costs. It is important to note that sending invitations to you Facebook friends is not the way to get new friends.

3 Produce only the goods required to complete the task

This game offers various production buildings. This can produce many different items. It is important to be careful with your resources as you play. Spend the resources on making the items required to complete tasks. Through this way you will save resources and gold.

4.Careful space management

Wild West, New Frontier provide you with big space of land to construct buildings. Most of the land however is covered in large rocks and trees. Make sure you manage your available free space very well and plan accordingly.

5.Dont sell your resources and good to visitors

wild west new frontier tips

Different people will occasionally visit your farm asking for you to sell goods to them. Do not sell to them
since you can sell in the market and get more money instead.

6. Fix high prices

When selling your goods, it is critical not to be afraid to stamp the maximum possible prices.Fixing a high price is advantageous than lower prices. The product may not sell as quickly as possible but eventually it will.

7.Store your crops

Lastly, it is important to always make sure that you have a bit of every crop. As farmer you must have all kinds of crops and never utilize the last bit of corn.

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